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Supt. Westrum says 'Thank you, WDC teachers' on Teacher Appreciation Day

Supt. Lee Westrum

Supt. Lee Westrum

In my first year at WDC, I have seen so many examples of teachers going the extra mile for their students that I couldn't begin to list them. And while taking one day to thank our teachers is certainly lacking, it is important to recognize the enormous impact that teachers have on young people and on society as a whole.

As individuals, we can all recollect the teacher that made a difference in our lives, the teacher that inspired us to work hard, to do our best, to follow our dreams, the teacher that looked out for us when we needed a little TLC, the teacher that made school fun and the teacher that challenged us. I know for myself that I can name a teacher from my school days that fulfilled all the roles I just mentioned.

Considering that public education is the foundation of a free society, teachers deserve a great deal of credit for providing our democracy with an educated electorate. Also, teachers serve an important economic role in society because educating all people is a crucial component to building and maintaining a strong and vibrant middle class because access to education is the gateway to economic prosperity for millions of Americans.

The teaching profession is a noble calling and I am thankful for the great teachers that we have at WDC. I also know that we need bright, talented and hard-working young people to continue to join the teaching ranks. I encourage high school students to look seriously at a career in teaching; it is a job that certainly has its challenges, but the reward of making a difference in the lives of young people is worth every one of those challenges. When a former student catches up with you 5, 10, or 30 years after you had them in class and they say “thank you,” you know that your work was meaningful.

In closing, as we head toward the end of the 2013-2014 school year, thank you WDC teachers, you are the BEST!