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WDC Middle/High School brings back 'Student of the Month'

The Wadena-Deer Creek “Student of the Month” program has been re-established to acknowledge and recognize the many outstanding students at WDC Middle/High School.

“We have students doing great things each and every day and this is our way of thanking them for that.  Too often our kids do not get thanked for doing things the right way, and this is one way to change that,” said Tyler Church, WDC Middle/High School principal.

Teachers nominate students based on any of the following attributes: character, behavior, work ethic and academics.  A Student of the Month display is located in the Commons. Please acknowledge this month’s WDC Students of the Month for December 2014! 


Jamie Barthel, 5th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Lynn Quincer
Jamie is a student that puts forth her best effort at all times.  She is extremely helpful and very willing to help other students when she has completed her work.  She is kind to all the students and a defender of all students. Jamie is the daughter of Reed Barthel and Lane and Leslie Seifert.

Kendall Godel, 5th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Ms. Kendra Schultz
Kendall is a student who has an outstanding attitude and is considerate to others. Kendall is an individual who is willing to go out of her way to help other students, as well as accept help from others when needed.  Kendall is a pleasure to have in my classroom. She is the daughter of Cory and Jamie Godel.

Kaylin Lupkes, 5th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Lynn Quincer
Kaylin is not in my homeroom but I have watched her in class and she is so helpful to students that most would just ignore.  She jumps right up to help them when we are doing group things that they are not catching on to and she will answer their questions if a teacher isn’t available to help at that moment.  I have also seen her helping students with lockers and answering questions between classes. Kaylin is the daughter of Kevin and Tammy Lupkes.

Kelly Muckala, 5th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Lynn Quincer
Kelly works very hard at her school work and always does her very best.  She is willing to ask for assistance when she needs it and doesn’t settle for less than her best even when it is difficult.  Kelly is very kind to her classmates and aware and concerned about possible troubles they may be having.  She is not mean or judgmental with other students. Kelly is the daughter of Richard and Karen Muckala.

Madison Packer, 5th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mr. Zachary Martin
Madison is everything that a teacher might want in the classroom.  She is prepared, gives 100 percent on any given learning opportunity, and is involved with every activity.  Madison also shows tremendous cooperation with her classmates and her teachers, and she is very considerate and helpful to others.  Her actions make her a leader and a role model for others to emulate. She is the daughter of Gary and Brenda Packer.

Becky Avilla, 6th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Lori Grendahl
Becky works hard on homework completion and is becoming more organized this quarter.  Her hard work, grades and positive attitude shows this!  Great work! Becky is the daughter of Shashona Ahrendt and Michelle Avilla.

Andrew Friest, 6th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Lori Grendahl
Andrew has worked hard on his homework completion and is becoming more organized this quarter.  His hard work and grades, along with his positive attitude, show this!  Great work, Andrew! He is the son of Debra Friest.

Katelyn Gardner, 6th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Ms. Patty Berg
Katelyn is a hard-working student who is dedicated to doing her best.  She is polite, friendly, kind and very considerate to everyone.  Katelyn is very positive and always seems to be in a good mood. She is the daughter of Brian and Kristine Gardner.

Tony Kreklau, 6th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Ms. Patty Berg
Tony is an excellent student.  He is very motivated and responsible with his homework.  Tony is also kind, outgoing, considerate and very friendly. He is the son of Joe and Susan Kreklau.

Jordan Woessner, 6th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Ms. Patty Berg
Jordan is a hard-working student.  He has a great personality and is friendly to everyone.  Jordan always has a positive outlook on things and a smile as he faces each day. He is the son of Jerry and Jackie Woessner.

Maggie Yungbauer, 6th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Ms. Patty Berg
Maggie has shown tremendous improvement since the beginning of the year.  She has been working very hard and her efforts are paying off for her. Maggie is the daughter of Daniel and Marilyn Yungbauer.

Kamea Shreves, 7th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Chelsa Golberg
Kamea demonstrates a quiet leadership in my classroom; working hard, doing whatever may be asked without complaining and never being boastful about her natural math ability.  She is a joy to have as a student and is an example that others can learn from. She is the daughter of Jennifer Shreves and Josh Shreves.

Alysha Randall, 10th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Ms. Beth Hawkins
Alysha’s excitement over reading the novel “The Giver” is infectious -- literally.  She convinced Mrs. Bounds to read the novel!  Alysha’s contribution to class goes beyond energy.  She works hard, loves to do the DOL (daily oral language) and has fun in class. Alysha is the daughter of Jeff Randall.

Lydia Burns, 11th grade
NOMINATED BY:  Mrs. Holly Becker
Lydia is outstanding at classroom participation!  I can always count on Lydia to be to class prepared, ready to learn and to participate. I appreciate Lydia in Algebra 2. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Burns and Donald Burns and Sue Snobeck.