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Algebra students learn about volume

Wadena-Deer Creek eighth-grade students recently learned about volume in Algebra class and how appearances can be deceiving. The lab called "Popcorn Prisms" involved taking two sheets of 8.5-by-11-inch paper and folding them two different ways.  Students made predictions as to which one they thought held more or if they held the same amount.  Most students thought the paper prisms held the same amount.  After they filled the white, taller, skinny prism, they carefully take it out to see how far the popcorn fills up the blue one.  Most were surprised to see that the blue one actually has space left for more popcorn! 

As they enjoyed their popcorn, WDC math instructor Chelsa Golberg and the students discussed how appearance plays a large part on how things are perceived. “We talked about marketing and how companies might use packaging strategies to give the consumer the idea they are getting more,” said Golberg. “We also talked about how this might affect architectural decisions as well.”