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American Education Week: Celebrate public education and recognize educators

by Lee Westrum, WDC Superintendent

American Education Week (Nov. 18-22) provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate the great achievements of public education in America and to also recognize the people who work in our schools on a daily basis. 

Public education is the foundation of a free society because democracies depend on educated citizens to make good decisions when they exercise their right to vote. Also, educating all people through public education is a crucial component to building and maintaining a strong and vibrant middle class because access to education is the gateway to economic prosperity for millions of Americans who would never be able to afford tuition at private schools.

And finally, the men and women who work in public schools deserve a tip of the hat for the part they play in providing educational opportunities for our children. From the bus drivers to the cooks to the teachers to the paraprofessionals to the principals to the administrative assistants to the custodians; it truly takes a team effort to make a school function and for that I say thank you and keep up the good work for our kids!