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Wadena-Deer Creek Education Foundation


Excellence in education is the hallmark of the Wadena-Deer Creek School District. 

The Wadena-Deer Creek Education Foundation is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for Wadena-Deer Creek students and their future.

Ways to Contribute

General Donation
We gratefully accept donations of any amount. Become part of the following clubs:

Spirit Club ................ $25
Blue Club ................. $100
Gold Club ................. $250
Wolverine Club ..... $500
Builder Club ...........  $1,000
Foundation Club ... $5,000 plus

In Memoriam
Make a gift as a memorial to a relative, friend or alumnus.

In Gratitude
A great way to recognize a teacher, student, staff person or volunteer.

In Honor Of
A great way to recognize a teacher, student, staff person or volunteer.

Will or Trust Bequest
Defer a gift until after your lifetime.


How do I plan my legacy?

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding planned giving:

Q. What is an estate? I don't have a lot of money or property.

A. "Estate" is simply a word describing any money or belongings you have at the time of your death. Most people have an estate, even if they are not wealthy. Anyone can leave a gift to WDC Education Foundation, as well as to their family.

Q. What is a bequest?

A. A gift passed on to another, as in a will. Something that is bequeathed; a legacy.

Q. How do I leave a gift to WDC Education Foundation?

A. Most people give by leaving a charitable gift in a will or trust, or by naming WDC Education Foundation as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement plan such as an IRA.

Some people donate something they own, like a car, coin collection, or their home. Others leave a paid-up life insurance policy, retirement account or their financial investments.

Q. Do I tell WDC Education Foundation that I've left a gift to the school in my will?

A. That's up to you. WDC Education Foundation would prefer that you let us know about gifts in advance. This way, we can recognize your generosity and possibly use your support to encourage others to do the same.

Q. Who can help me in making a gift to WDC Education Foundation?

A. A professional advisor, such as a financial planner, an attorney, or an accountant, will get you off on the right foot by advising you on the various ways in which you can make a gift.

Wadena-Deer Creek District Office can also help you get started.

Q. Can I leave a gift in memory of a special person or for a specific purpose?

A. A charitable gift is a wonderful way to recognize someone who made a difference in your life. You may also want to contribute to a special area of need at WDC. This kind of memorial gift can be specified in your will.

Q. Why should I leave a gift?

A. You truly will leave a legacy for the future by supporting WDC Schools and WDC Education Foundation through a will or estate. As we continue to strive for excellence in education, your generosity would play a major role in the development and growth of our school for years to come.

WDC Education Foundation hopes this information makes you aware of a very special way to leave a legacy of your own at WDC Schools.

Foundation Board

The Board of Trustees meets throughout the school year at the school. Chair Vince Hinojos conducts the meetings.  Other members include: Joyce Boyne, Cindi Koll, Susan Kreklau, Cory Oehlke, Ann Pate, Adam Licardi and Supt. Lee Westrum. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Trustees or would like to learn more about the Foundation, please contact:  

Vince Hinojos, Chair

Joyce Boyne , treasurer


Click here to download the WDC Education Foundation Brochure

If you'd like to make a donation or talk to someone about the Foundation's gift giving program, contact the WDC Education Foundation, 600 Colfax Ave SW, Wadena, MN 56482, or donate below!