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Track & Field

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The Wadena-Deer Creek Track and Field team would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to the Browne Foundation for their overly generous donation for new track and field uniforms.  The Browne Foundation has given back to Wolverine Athletics many times over the years and our community cannot thank them enough!!!  WDC Track and Field THANKS the Browne Foundation for all of their support of the years!!!!

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2018 Meet Schedule/Results:

2018 Junior High MEET SCHEDULE:

  • 4/24/2018 Perham

  • 5/11/2018 Jr. High Conference-HOME

  • 5/18/2018 HOME: 5th-8th Grade

  • 5/22/2018 UNC-5th-8th Grade


WDC Track and Field Record Book:

Record Book

Monster Run Results:

  • You can din results for the Monster Run 5K/1K race on: http://www.northlandrunner.com/run?page=Race&raceId=2766

Team Handbook:

The spirit of the Olympics is that the most important aspect of a competition is not winning but attempting to win, just as the most important thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.  Each athlete has different potential and everyone should strive to accomplish their best.  In track and field preparation is important in reaching maximum performance.  Quality preparation is important to reaching maximum performance.  Quality preparation includes physical (proper  training), mental (goal setting, focus, and mental readiness) and health (proper nutrition and rest).

One of the many positive aspects of track and field is everyone participates. Nobody sits on the bench and nobody is cut from the team. We welcome and encourage anyone who is willing to compete in the sport and contribute to our team.

If this is your first experience with running or you are out of condition for running, expect a few weeks of soreness as your body becomes accustomed to the track or field workouts.  Many people quit track within the first week or two of the season because they think it is too hard.  A couple of days of practice are not enough time to judge how good you can be.  You owe it to yourself and your peers to try and remain on the team for the entire season.  You will be surprised at the difference in your physical conditioning and strength at the end of the season and in your other activities.


Your primary reason for attending Wadena-Deer Creek Schools is to get an education.  Participation in a sport or activity is a privilege of academic success.  One of our commitments to this school is to help athletes maintain the perspective between sports and school.  School will always come first.  All athletes will abide by the Wadena-Deer Creek Academic Policy.  If you’re having difficulties in any of your classes please let your coaches know.  We will be more than happy to work with you.  If you need to stay after school to get homework or a test done, let your coaches know.  You will be expected to show up to practice and get your workout in after you are are done with your school work.

WDC Academic Policy

The Board of Education believes that the academic course work is the primary purpose for the school’s existence and therefore, academic classes are considered to be of more importance than the extra-curricular opportunities provided.  Students in extra-curricular activities are required to attend study time if their grade in any class is an F.  Grades will be monitored every 4 ½ weeks (mid-quarter and quarter) beginning when school starts.  Any student receiving an F in any class will be required to attend study time, which consists of attending a minimum of two ½ hour sessions per week for 2 weeks following the grading period. During the study time, students must demonstrate acceptable effort and appropriate behavior.  Upon the conclusion of the study sessions, if a student still has failing grades, he/she will be deemed ineligible until all of the grades are at a passing level.  Incompletes (I’s) will be subject to the 4 session of study time or until the I (Incomplete) is made up with a passing grade.  Students who fail to attend study time will be ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities as defined in Category I and Category II, excluding non high school league events in Category II, and other non-academic school events for 1 week.  Students deemed ineligible will be from Monday-Sunday.  The list will be available to staff on Fridays.

As long as a student attends a minimum of two ½ hour sessions of study time per week for 2 weeks and demonstrates an appropriate level of effort both in the study time and the class room as verified by both the supervisor and the classroom teacher following the grading period, they are eligible to participate in activities.  If a student does not attend study time the first week after grades have been distributed they will be ineligible until the 4 sessions and the week have been completed.  Ineligibility will not carry over into the next grading period. Example: If a student receives a failing mark at midterm, attends a minimum of four ½ hour study sessions and has a passing grade at the end of the quarter, no further study sessions will be assigned. Any/all students who are experiencing difficulty with their grades are encouraged to attend study time.


Attendance at practices and meets is mandatory.  Unexcused absences will result in losing varsity status and/or expulsion from the team.  Pre-approved (by coach) excused absences can be made up through an individual workout.  Attendance will be taken by Coach Reynolds.  Parents should provide notes if athletes will miss a practice or meet.  They can also call Coach Reynolds at school.

  • Proper behavior including language is expected during all practices, meets and the bus rides.

  • All are expected to do the workouts and meet warm-ups and cool downs, as well as assisting the coaching staff when needed.

  • The team apparel (uniforms and sweats) that is issued to you is your responsibility and must be handed back at the conclusion of the season.

  • Good sportsmanship in track is a must. Good manners, respect and extending common courtesy to all athletes, coaches, officials, parents and fans is required to be on this team.

  • The coaching staff will use a 3 strike policy. If you reach 3 strikes you will not finish the season with the team.


  • All athletes will need to be properly dressed every day. Track is an outdoor sport. As you can see by the weather outside, all athletes need to have warm clothes at school every day.

  • All athletes will be given a jersey/shorts, warm-up jacket and pants. It is advised that all athletes have a sweatshirt and sweatpants as well for outside workouts on spring days. This is Minnesota, so a stocking cap, gloves and tights are recommended to have on hand.

  • All athletes are required to have a pair of running or training shoes. I highly recommend quality running shoes that are in good condition. Spikes are also recommended for runners.

  • Athletes who may need assistance with shoes, spikes or warm clothes; please talk with Coach Reynolds and he will help you out.

  • All athletes will turn in their uniforms and warm-ups at the end of their season. Athletes will be financially responsible for any equipment they lose, misplace or damage.


Athletes need to be dressed and ready to warm-up by 3:15.  Practices will generally go until about 5:00 each day.  If an athlete was finishing some school work after school and came to practice late, they will be expected to do the workout for their coach.  Athletes should plan to practice rain/snow or shine.  We are fortunate to have an indoor track and weight room to utilize if inclement weather restricts us from going outside. 


  • All athletes are required to stay until the end of the meet unless there are unusual circumstances.

  • If parents would like to drive their son/daughter home at the end of the meet they will need to sign off with Coach Reynolds.

  • Athletes need to pay attention to the order of events so they are giving themselves time to warm-up for their events.

  • There will be no horseplay during track meets. That means stereos, footballs and frisbees are left at home. If you cannot handle going to meets, you will not be invited.

  • Dress code will be enforced during all meets. Athletes need to have a jersey, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc. on at all times during the meet. If your clothing is not appropriate for school, it is not appropriate for a track meet.

Letter Requirements

  1. Follow all team rules and be eligible to compete in the last meet of the season.

  2. To earn a varsity letter for track and field you must:

  • Finish in the top 6 places in any varsity event with 6 or more teams.

  • Earn 25 letter points. Place points in meet and 1 point for each personal record or season best performance in a varsity meet.

  • Earn 5 personal records in one event.

  • Be a senior that’s been on the team for 3 seasons.

Parent Involvement

Parents and other family members interested in helping with track meets or team dinners, please leave your contact information with Coach Reynolds.  We always appreciate positive volunteers to help with track related activities.  No experience is necessary to help at our meets.



Photos courtesy of Track moms :)