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School Board Meeting Info

The Wadena-Deer Creek School Board typically meets on the third Monday of each month in the Robertson Theatre in the Wadena-Deer Creek Middle/High School. However, if there is a legal holiday on a Monday, the meetings are held on the following Tuesday (January and February). Meetings are open to the public and begin at 6 p.m.

The six members of the School Board have been elected to four-year terms of office. All board members must be residents of the Wadena-Deer Creek School District, be eligible voters and be at least 21 years of age. The annual election is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

The Board approved the following meeting schedule for 2017:

January    17 Tuesday - 6:00 pm 

February  21Tuesday - 6:00 pm

March         20 Monday - 6:00 pm

April            17 Monday – 6:00 pm

May              15Monday - 6 pm

June              5  Monday – 6:00 pm      Bluffton Community Center

July              10 Monday – 6:00 pm

August        21 Monday – 6:00 pm       

September     18 Monday – 5:00 pm      Deer Creek Community Center

October     16  Monday – 6:00 pm

November       20  Monday – 6:00 pm

December 18  Monday – 6:00 pm      Truth in Taxation Hearing

* Meetings are in the Robertson Theatre unless otherwise noted

WDC School Board

Kent Schmidt, Chair

(218) 631-3019


Schmidt was elected to the Board in 2012. His term ends 12/31/2020. 


Jil Fiemeyer, Vice Chair

(218) 430-0292


In 2014, Fiemeyer was elected to the Board. Her term expires 12/31/2018.


Dan Lawson, Clerk

(218) 631-7206


In 2016, Lawson was elected to the Board. His term expires 12/31/2020.


Ann Pate, Treasurer

(218) 631-2665


Pate was elected to the board in 2002. Her term will expire 12/31/2018.


Wayne Perkins

(218) 462-2764


Perkins was elected to the Board in 2006. His term ends 12/31/2018.


Vince Hinojos

(218) 631-1365


In 2016, Hinojos was elected to the Board. His term expires 12/31/2020. 


Lee Westrum, Superintendent

(218) 632-2176


Supt. Westrum has served as WDC's superintendent since July 2013.